Headline Sports podcast with Jerry Feitelberg: Could a second wave of Covid-19 hit if the games were to open with just players and working staff

Hohokam Stadium in Mesa Arizona after it’s completion for the Oakland A’s spring training home. Still the discussion is on to have games there without fans and will it be safe for players and working personnel? (file photo arizonarepublic.com)

On Headline Sports with Jerry F:

#1 MLB executives have said to listened to the scientists and have faith that they can make the right decisions during this long pandemic to get us through it

#2 California Governor Gavin Newsom said that the possibility to reopen is “negligible” at best adding until a vaccine is available everything is on hold

#3 The basic bottom line from Newsom is until there is a vaccine expect not to go see any sporting events which could be as long as the 18 months or September 2021.

#4 Major League Baseball has taken part in a anti-body study that antibodies are developed so the virus or a bacteria is recognized in the body. The research is taking place in Santa Clara and Los Angeles as well as at USC. It was reported that the Oakland A’s are also on board with the program.

#5 Events are possibilities to be held without fans but what about at risk personnel, the players, medical staff, EMTs, trainers, security, engineers, custodians, front office personnel and the media?

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