Tony Renteria for That’s Amaury’s News and Commentary podcast: Best hitters in baseball missing out on making big numbers; Can MLB make it back by June?; plus more

wikipedia file photo: New York Yankees slugger Aaron Judge just one of many big league players missing out on improving their numbers this season as the shut down continues

Tony Renteria filled in for Amaury Pi Gonzalez:

#1 Taking a look at some of baseball’s big  boppers how badly are they missing this season names like New York Yankees Aaron Judge and the Philadelphia Phillies Bryce Harper.

#2 From the Oakland A’s Matt Chapman who had such a fine hitting season last year .249, 145 hits, 36 home runs, and 91 RBIs, he’s another player missing the opportunity to tee off this season.

#3 How possible could it be for MLB to start the season in June, play in two different states, hold fan interest, and hope that curve has been flatten in order to play this season?

#4 This was going to be the season that MLB was going to have a shot at increasing it’s attendance, getting a younger demographic and looking forward to improved TV ratings could that all be for not with an abbreviated season and most fans not having access to their local team?

#5 The A’s got criticized for not signing on with their former flagship radio station KTRB 860 and decided to stream all of it’s games home and away on Then came the shutdown for Covid 19. In hindsight considering all the advertising and business that has dried up and the A’s wanted to save money from buying air time it could very well be a good move and it might be a trailblazer move for other MLB teams.

Tony Renteria filled in for Amaury Pi Gonzalez who does News and Commentary podcasts each Tuesday at

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