Headline Sports podcast with Matt Harrington: NHL says neutral site hockey is not a first choice but on the table

nhl.com file photo: NHL Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly said while neutral site games are a consideration it’s not the league’s first choice

On Headline Sports podcast with Matt:

#1 NHL Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly was discussing neutral site games when the NHL season resumes Daly did add that it would not be the preferred choice.

#2 Daly said that the NHL should and would be prepared as much as they possibly can but said that it’s premature to set that course at this juncture.

#3 The NHL has directed the players to self quarantine through April 15th and Daly said he would not be surprised if that date is extended

#4 While the window to finish the regular season and Stanley Cup post season remains open neutral site hockey might be a strong option considering local laws for shelter in place and social distancing still being in effect.

#5 Daly also had to take into consideration the new season isn’t that far behind a neutral site scenario. September is the supposed start of the exhibition season followed by the regular season in October.

Matt Harrington does Headline Sports each Saturday at http://www.sportsradioservice.com


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