That’s Amaury’s News and Commentary: 2020 Baseball Optimism vs. Realism

photo of MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred will he move to allow all 32 teams to play the 2020 regular season in front of empty spring parks?

2020 Baseball Optimism vs. Realism

That’s Amaury News and Commentary

Amaury Pi-González

As an optimist I have always look at he glass hall full and not empty. However, even the greatest hitters in baseball could not hit the curve balls of Sandy Koufax, Camilo Pascual or Bert Blyleven (the three best curve ball pitchers I have ever seen)so we must also be realistic.

Life, throws many curve balls which we are just not prepared and sometimes can’t hit. You can physique yourself to say “today will be a wonderful beautiful day with the sun shinning the birds chirping and everything in harmony,” then you open the door and you see a dreary windy day, raining and lightning.

Major League Baseball is considering playing this season in Arizona with all the teams and with no fans in the parks. This,in my book, is a perfect show made for television. May I say a Reality Show. The ultimate Reality Show. Reality is the world or the state of things as they actually exist, as opposed to an idealistic or notional idea of them.

Regardless of what happens,this 2020 season will be remembered as the Coronavirus Season and in baseball, the first time in our history that a worldwide medical event stop not only MLB but most of the world.

The plan calls that all 30 teams play their games at a stadium with no fans in attendance in the Phoenix area. This includes the regular season home for the Arizona Diamondbacks in Phoenix,Chase Field. Plus the other ten Spring Training facilities where a total of 15 teams hold their Spring Training.

This plan seems to have the approval of the Federal officials at the CDC, because will continue with the narrative by the Federal and State governments to have “separation”of people and the travel would be only from the hotels in the Phoenix area -where all 30 teams will be staying- by bus to the park.

No charter flights at all. All with be localized to the Phoenix area, Some call it a “pipe dream”, others call it “the best option to play this season” and you might have another opinion. Opinions (just like in the game of baseball) are not like toilet paper today, opinions are abundant. So, if you have a better one, send it to the Commissioner.

Above seems to have the approval of MLB,the Players Union and most of the Federal and State governments involved in this unprecedented situation this country is in today.

Let’s hope the best is yet to come,but remember that just like baseball, we live “day to day” anyway.

Stay well.

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