Headline Sports podcast with Charlie O: Trump hopes to have NFL going by August; Antonio assault charge on repo man pretty much ends career; plus more

file photo from nbcnews.com: Former Oakland Raider Antonio Brown appears in front of Broward County judge. Brown is facing assault charges of assaulting a truck driver.

On Headline Sports podcast with Charlie O:

#1 Trump hopes to have the NFL season going and able to start on time when August pre season kicks off. Trump was in a conference call with other pro sports commissioners and the discussion was on where the country was at in flattening the curve. No doubt the commissioners were concerned about the economic impact from the shut down.

#2 Former Oakland Raider Antonio Brown was accused of assaulting a moving truck driver, Brown refused to pay moving fees, and forcibly retrieved his possessions in the truck. Also a Broward County prosecutor said that police had been call to Brown’s house some 18 times in two months after the assault on the truck driver.

#3 Kobe Bryant, Tim Duncan and Kevin Garnett are set to be honored as they get inducted in the NBA Hall of Fame this has been billboarded  one of the best classes of the NBA’s Hall of Fame classes.

#4 Houston Astro veteran pitcher Justin Verlander  said he’s donating every check he gets during the pandemic shut down to charity. He and wife Kate Upton said they will be donating to a different organization each week.

#5 Charlie O what do you miss most about baseball right now, is it the smell of the concession stands when you first walk into the ball park, the cut green grass, your seat ready when you walk into the pressbox after picking up the stat sheets and line ups, or Dick Callahan on the A’s PA system doing play by play on which is fastest BART car?

Charlie O does Headline Sports every other Saturday at http://www.sportsradioservice.com

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