Headline Sports podcast with Marko Ukalovic: Goodell won’t bend on draft despite critics; Bay Area fishing to be cancelled; plus more

photo from ap file photo: NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has warned NFL personnel not to say anything against holding the draft in April or face the consequences

Headline Sports podcast with Marko Ukalovic:

#1 NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is receiving lots of criticism for moving forward to with the NFL draft

#2 Goodell also said anyone from any NFL team has been warned not to criticize his decision to move forward with the draft as planned between Apr 23-25

#3 The Bay Area Sports Salmon will not be opening Apr 11th as the season will be canceled however commercial fishing which is considered essential will be back and will provide to the stores and wholesalers to feed the masses.

#4 Marko, How much of a hit will NHL teams take if the rest of the season is wiped out and this would be the second time since the 2005 lockout that their will not be Stanley Cup Playoffs and Finals.

#5 The San Jose Barracuda hope to come back for more AHL action, they may not be a cup contender but the team would like to return on a high note once they get the O.K. to return from the Governor’s office maybe in May.

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