Headline Sports podcast with Matt Harrington: Minor league baseball and hockey players getting hit the hardest without any work

file photo from yelp!.com by Myke Y: This photo taken on June 11, 2016 gives you an idea what Municipal Stadium in San Jose home of the San Jose Giants will look like during the shelter in place policy for the duration of at least the next two months and maybe more

On Headline Sports podcast with Matt:

#1 There are the big leaguers who don’t have to worry too much about getting by financially but there are the minor leaguers who will struggle through the epidemic.

#2 Many minor league players in baseball have not received a check since August and it’s going to go on longer to with shelter in place which could end as early as May.

#3 According to AP News minor league players are expected to get a check that pays them through April 8th at $400 a week but what happens to them after that?

#4 In minor league hockey the AHL suspended play on March 11th. The AHL players could be getting paid through the rest of the month of March. Fortunately for the AHL the season was just cut off by one month so the players got most of their salaries.

#5 In sports journalism assignments are getting cut like nobodies business since most the leagues are closed down. The only sport that is still operating is professional bowling.

Matt does Headline Sports each Saturday at http://www.sportsradioservice.com

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