NCAA basketball shutdown podcast with Morris Phillips: Cancellation of games sinking in photo: Haas Pavilion Berkeley home of the Cal Bears will sit empty until next basketball season next fall and when the Coronavirus epidemic is lifted which is expected at it’s earliest by the end of March or the beginning of April

March Madness shutdown podcast with Morris:

#1 Cal won that last and final game of the 2019-20 season with a win over the Stanford Cardinal on the night before all NCAA games were suspended putting the Bears and Cardinal and the NCAA in an uncharted position never seen before.

#2 Over the weekend it finally sank in all games in the NCAA for 13 tournaments and the NITs will not be planned.

#3 For the selection process on the brackets the NCAA committee announced it could announce the brackets

#4 Women’s basketball hasn’t started the selection process yet and men’s has only began to put the bracket together but now it’s not possible that the games will be played.

#5 For the students a double whammy not only their classes are all canceled but now but their teams are now on hold until this virus breaks.

Morris does cover Cal Bears basketball at

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