Headline Sports with Tony Renteria: WHO declares pandemic; Games cancelled until further notice

photo from sfgate.com: What maybe the last game that the Los Angeles Clippers and the Golden State Warriors may play for the season or until later this season. The view of Chase Center in San Francisco on Tue Mar 10, 2020

On Headline with Tony:

#1 The Golden State Warriors have played their last game on Tuesday night against the Los Angeles Clippers as the NBA who announced suspending operations on Wednesday night after the Utah Jazz’ Rudy Cobert caught Coronavirus. The World Health Organization announced that the world is officially under a pandemic.

#2 The San Francisco Giants have announced they have canceled their pre season game against the Oakland A’s on Mon Mar 24th at Oracle Park in San Francisco. Moreover MLB, MLS and the NHL now will shut it down as they all have suspended their seasons. The NCAA and March Madness will continue but without fans in the building. 13 NCAA Tournaments are canceled and will resume next week.

#3 The Warriors originally were asked by city officials to cancel their games but at first refused after the World Health Organization announced on Wednesday that the Conoranvirus epidemic was a pandemic the Warriors decided to play their home games in front of empty seats going forward. Later the NBA suspended the season.

#4 The NHL have announced that they will suspend the remaining games of the season and this after Utah Jazz players Rudy Gobert and Donavon Mitchell of the NBA have contracted Coronavirus.

#5 Tony now with Sacramento Kings basketball suspended economically how will this impact downtown Sacramento.

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