San Jose Barracuda podcast with Marko Ukalovic: True and Letunov recalled by Sharks listen to how they will fit in photo

On the Barracuda podcast with Marko:

#1 How important is it for the Barracuda parent club San Jose Sharks to have recalled Alex True talk about what his role was with the parent club at the Sharks means and have him back in the line up at the Shark again?

#2 True is not shy about taking shots he leads the Cuda with 96 shots this season and is third in goals so one of the factors of his being at the Sharks also was for his being ability to put it on net and often

#3 The Sharks have recalled the Barracuda’s Maxim Letunov, Letunov has ten goals and 20 assists for 30 points in 39 games Marko talks about what Letunov brings to the Sharks as well.

#4 Saturday’s game in San Diego against the Gulls saw the first period where all the action took place, the Barracuda scored two goals to the Gulls three out of the gate, the Gulls ended up winning the game by two goals 5-3

#5 Wednesday night the Gulls are in San Jose this time the Barracuda have home ice the Gulls have been a tough customer Marko talks about tonight’s match up

Marko Ukalovic is a San Jose Barracuda beat writer for

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