NCAAB podcast with Michelle Richardson: Kobe death shocks the basketball world file photo: Gianna and Kobe Bryant pose for a photo as Gianna 13 and Kobe 41 died in an helicopter accident Sun Jan 26, 2020 in Calabasas Calif

On the NCAAB podcast with Michelle:

When I first heard of Kobe Bryant passing away today I thought someone was playing some kind of a bad joke as it was first reported by TMZ, then it was the Hollywood reporter, the LA Times, the Washington Post that followed the reports of Kobe and the helicopter crash.

I had to sit in my home alone in shock and in disbelief and sat here and cried, I don’t do a lot of that about celebrities. Someone would have to have some kind of real effect on me in my life. If you all know me and you might have got to know me over these past few years from listening to these NCAA podcasts you know I have been a lifetime Laker fan. I never wavered on my love for the Lakers ever.

It’s hard enough to hear that Kobe had passed and then to find out that his daughter was in the helicopter with him and with six other souls that passed. I was watching the Lakers in Philadelphia (Kobe’s hometown) and watched LeBron pass Kobe on the all time scorers list and Kobe tweeted out support to LeBron for passing him on the all time list. Which was Kobe’s last tweet.

We have pre-empted the NCAA basketball podcast as Michelle brings you the special podcast of the untimely death of former Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant at








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