That’s Amaury News and Commentary Sign-Stealing Scandal: Baseball Needs a Hero photo: Ex Houston Astros manager AJ Hinch (left) and ex general manager John Luhnow (right) most likely will be the focus of a federal investigation into the MLB sign stealing scandal and called to congress. Illinois Rep (D) Bobby Rush is coordinating the investigation to get a vote to set up the investigation and begin calling witnesses

Sign-Stealing Scandal: Baseball Needs a Hero

That’s Amaury News and Commentary

Amaury Pi-González

While Commissioner Rob Manfred is playing Dick Tracy, the Players Union hires Perry Mason, baseball needs Captain America to come to the rescue. A book much older than the oldest baseball book around -The Bible, says: “do unto others as you would have them do unto you” the Golden Rule that can be applied to everything in life, including baseball. In case anybody forgot, we still swear by the Bible in court cases.

The timing for this scandal could not be worse (not to say is good at any time) we are closing-in to Spring Training, the list of Hall of Fame players eligible for Cooperstown this year. Teams getting ready for their Fan Fest, parading their players and getting fans into the mindset of another baseball season. And then this stink bomb.

A sport that is already going through changes and many challenges does not need this scandal and we can only hope that some good would come out of this, for all involved and for the sake and love of the game. MLB should be strong and punish those, not only to teach a lesson to the culprits, but in the end for the very best of baseball and generations to come.

Who is the hero here? Are there any? There were four former members of the Houston Astros who first confirmed the team was using electronic sign-stealing. Of those four, one came out publicly, it was pitcher Mike Fiers who originally said in an article to Ken Rosenthal about this sign-stealing method: “That’s not playing the game the right way”. I do not know if he is the hero, but what he said is right. For some people whistle-blowers are heroes, for others they are villains.

No matter how you dressed it up, or justify it, cheating is cheating, doesn’t matter if it is 1919 or 2020. But there is really no justification. Baseball is a strategy type of game. Since Little League we teach the kids the only thing you can steal in baseball is a base. Rickey Henderson stole 1,406 bases,more than anybody and is enshrined in the Hall of Fame.

This week will bring more news about the current scandal as this continues to unfold.

Amaury Pi Gonzalez is following the base stealing scandal in MLB and does News and Commentary at

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