That’s Amaury’s News and Commentary: Sign Stealing Scandal Altuve–Fallout “I never worn an electronic device” photo: Jose Altuve Houston Astros has been accused of wearing a wire to help in sign stealing

Sign Stealing Scandal: Fallout “I Never worn an Electronic device” -José Altuve”.

That’s Amaury News and Commentary

Amaury Pi-González

My father in Cuba used to tell me: “A veces pagan justos por pecadores” -translation: “One does the harm and another bears the blame”.

It doesn’t matter how many people were cheating in this sign-stealing scandal, the game’s integrity, credibility is in question in this very serious ethical crisis, even if it were only a handful of people. All because the misuse of technology, replay monitors near the dugout, managers, coaches, players maybe wired. All involved in cheating the game of baseball. When this happens the whole sport suffers.

I like to believe not all 750 players, plus managers and coaches, general managers and others on the 30 major league teams where on this Sign-Stealing journey, and we can only go on what the MLB investigation will reveal. All 30 teams open their Spring Training in less than thirty days. I can only image what the scene will be on the first day for the Astros at their West Palm Beach, Florida facility. The media, not only sports media, but in general the major news media.

Within moments of learning that the Manager and General Manager of the Houston Astros were let go,Terry Francona, veteran Manager of the Cleveland Indians was on MLB Network: “We did not do that in Cleveland”.

Today José Altuve the heart of the Astros, three-time AL batting champion, denied wearing an electronic device under his uniform, according to his agent Scott Boras. This was in response to social-media speculation that Altuve did not want his jersey ripped off by his teammates after his walk-off home run against Aroldis Chapman of the Yankees in Game 6 of the 2019 American League Championship Series, because he was wearing an electronic device on his chest to provide signals on which type of pitch was coming.

Many have said baseball must take harder measures of punishment. Like for example taking the 2017 crown from the Houston Astros who defeated the LA Dodgers in seven games during the World Series and giving the title to the Dodgers.

Although MLB has not released in full their investigation (still ongoing) I doubt they want to re-make history. This investigation continues as they continue interviewing managers, general managers, scouts, even the names of such baseball royalty as two-time World Series champion and Hall of Fame member Tony LaRussa have been mentioned in the whole mess.

The next chapter will be coming soon. But this story is not close to its end, yet.

I leave you with this moment in baseball history:
During the 1919 Black Sox scandal a gambler by the name of Arnold Rothstein fixed that World Series. A huge scandal for the game. A young boy pleaded to “Shoeless”Joe Jackson as he left the Grand Jury room, “Say it ain’t so,Joe, say it ain’t so” Jackson replied, “yes kid,I’m afraid it is so.”

Amaury Pi Gonzalez is the Spanish color talent for San Jose Sharks hockey and does News and Commentary each week at



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