That’s Amaury News and Commentary: Los Tiburones de San José and the Hispanic Market file photo: Jesus Lopez far left and Vegas Golden Knights Spanish radio crew do the Vegas Knights on 1340 ESPN Radio Deportes

Los Tiburones de San José and the Hispanic Market

That’s Amaury News and Commentary

Amaury Pi-González

SAN JOSE–On October 20,2019 The San José originated the broadcast of the game against the Buffalo Sabres on KIQI 1010/990AM Spanish radio, SAP on NBCSCA,as well as on social media. Two days later, on October 22 The National Hockey League (NHL) announced they launched a Spanish language website,available to hockey fans.

The new site,, is part of the League’s ongoing efforts to reach new audiences and engage fans worldwide, sharing on- and off-ice stories of players, moments, and milestones(now with Spanish) in nine different languages. The Sharks also originated a Spanish language broadcast back in 2018.

It is no secret that the Sharks play in a city where Hispanics are the majority of residents. Official figures from the last US Census revealed that the San José Hispanic community is the majority,with 33.2 percent of the total population of the city. In a few month a new US Census will take place and those numbers are projected to be even higher.

San José is one of the most affluent cities in the United States,with medium household income of over $83.000. When it comes to concentrations of venture capital in the US, Silicon Valley is one of the largest in total investments and by itself is the 19th largest economy in the world. The Silicon Valley region also is ‘número uno’ in global capital.

Hispanics are truly rooted in San José.As a matter of fact,the first civic settlement in California was founded by José Joaquin Moraga in 1777 as a Spanish farming community in San José, It was named El Pueblo de San José de Guadalupe. St.Joseph in English. California has come full circle.During the publishing of the California Constitution in 1849 it decreed that all laws must be published in Spanish and English. Originally for the first 30 years California was a bilingual State and all documents had to be published in both languages.

In the 1980’s a person I worked for who founded a radio network in California told me “I will not see it,but you might see it, the ‘reconquest’ of California is coming and this State will have more Hispanics than anyplace else in the country”. He was correct. Many of us have witnessed this demographic increase. I definitely have since I arrived in the Bay Area from New York in 1969.

The Las Vegas Golden Knights,who in their maiden season (2017-2018) made it all the way to the Stanley Cup, is one of the NHL teams now carrying their games in Spanish language,among others in Southern California and Florida.

Who knows what this new decade will bring.

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