San Jose Sharks podcast with Mary Lisa Walsh: Sharks host former teammate Pavelski and Dallas tonight at SAP Center file photo: Former San Jose Shark Joe Pavelski says it’ll feel awkward coming back to San Jose to play against his former teammates the Sharks on Saturday night

On the Sharks podcast with Mary Lisa:

#1 After losing to the Washington Capitals and the St Louis Blues in games the Caps and  made a come back on the San Jose Sharks (20-22-4), the Sharks picked up where they left off defeating Columbus Blue Jackets (21-16-8) on Thursday night a team they beat before going into Washington and St Louis.

#2 The Sharks picked up the crucial victory without their team captain Logan Couture whose meant so much to the team

#3 The Sharks Joe Thornton stepped up and scored on a power play goal it was a goal that inspired the Sharks to rally around Thornton

#4 The Sharks contributed with a goal each to help add to the goal total the Sharks getting two goals in the second period and one in the third

#5 Former Shark Joe Pavelski and the Dallas Stars come to SAP Center tonight it’s going to be a special night for Pavelski a long time Shark who contributed many great moments as they Sharks will honor Pavelski with a scoreboard tribute.

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