Sacramento Kings podcast with Charlie O: Will Walton hit the panic button as loses mount for Kings

photo from The Phoenix Suns Dario Saric pins the Sacramento Kings Yogi Ferrell in the second quarter of Saturday night’s game at Golden One Center in Sacramento

On the Sacramento Kings podcast with Charlie O:

#1 The Kings have lost six straight games where does it reach the point that Luke Walton hits that panic button and the juggling of the line up starts?

#2 The one player whose been playing consistent and that’s the Kings De’Aaron Fox but he’s suffered injuries how much has his absence impacted the Kings?

#3 Just taking the first quarter of Saturday’s game alone the Kings The Kings managed to put up 30 points on 48% shooting from the floor. Having struggled in his last few contests, Buddy Hield put up a team-leading 8 points in the first quarter. Do the Kings need to take more shots, distribute the ball, try to get in the paint more often where do the Kings from here.

#4 The Suns on Saturday were led by Kelly Oubre Jr. who had 15 points followed by Devin Booker who had 14 on defense is Oubre and Booker just difficult to defend for the Kings?

#5 You had a chance to cover the Kings in Denver on Sunday tell us if you saw anything different in this game compared to the say the last six games.

Charlie O is a Kings beat writer at


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