Golden 1 Center hosts 4 college basketball teams in doubleheader

Photo credit: @Golden1Center

By Jeremiah Salmonson

SACRAMENTO — Golden 1 Center hosted four college basketball teams in a college doubleheader. It was UC Davis against Sac State in game one, and Fresno State against St. Mary’s in game two.

Game 1
UC Davis Aggies vs. Sac State Hornets

In the first game, it was the Sacramento State Hornets against the UC Davis Aggies. The tip-off was set for 5:30 as the rival schools were set to play at Golden 1 Center.

In the first half, the game felt mostly dominated by the Sacramento State Hornets. The Hornets, led by Patton were able to put up 29 points to the Aggies’ 23 points. Patton had 11 points followed by Esposito, who had 10 points on 4-6 shooting.

For the Aggies, they were led by Neufeld, who had 10 points followed by Koehler, who finished the half with 5 points. The game seemed to be in the Hornets control for much of the first half. Taking a lead in the early minutes and not giving it up. In the second half, the Aggies would need to knock down more of their open looks to have a chance at winning.

In the second half, it would prove to be more of the same. The Aggies were unable to keep pace with the Sac State Hornets. The Hornets went on to defeat the Aggies by a final of 61-51. Leading the way in victory was Patton who finished the game with 17 points. He was followed by teammate Esposito, who finished the night with 12 points. In defeat, the Aggies were held to 51 points. The Aggies’ leading scorer for the game was Neufeld, who managed to drop 19 points in the losing effort.

The Hornets improved to 3-0 on the season and the Aggies dropped to 2-4. The next Hornets game is on Saturday the 23rd against Pepperdine. The Aggie’s next game is on Saturday the 23rd against Portland.

Game 2
Fresno Bulldogs vs. St. Mary’s Gaels

In the second game of the doubleheader, it was Fresno State against St. Mary’s College. The tip-off was set for 8 PM PST as the two schools were ready to face off at Golden 1 Center.

In the first half, it was a very competitive matchup. Both schools came out looking to make a statement on the big stage. St. Mary’s led by Jordan Ford was able to gain the lead before the teams broke for the half. Ford put up 15 points for the Gaels trailed by teammate Malik Fitts with 8 points. St. Mary’s led 33-27 going into halftime. Leading the way for the trailing Fresno Bulldogs was Jarred Hyder with 15 points.

In the second half, both teams were looking to create some separation between them and go home with the win. As the game stood coming back from half, 33-27 St. Mary’s on top, it was really anyone’s game. St. Mary’s managed to pull ahead out of the gate in the second half. With 16:11 left in the game, the score was 42-30 St. Mary’s. From that point on the story would write itself. Fresno State tried to put together runs in the second half, and they did. However, nothing was sustained long enough to take the lead. St. Mary’s would keep about a 10-point lead the rest of the game and go onto win 68-58 over Fresno State. Leading the way for St. Mary’s was Ford with 24 points. Following him were Krebs and Fitts with 14 and 13, respectively. In the losing effort, Fresno State was led by Jarred Hyder who had 20 points. Another notable scorer for Fresno was Grimes with 8 points.

St. Mary’s improves to 4-1 on the season and Fresno State drops to 2-3.

Up Next
St. Mary’s next game is on November 23 at 5 PM PST vs. Lehigh, while Fresno State’s next game is on November 30th against Cal State Northridge at 3 PM PST.

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