That’s Amaury’s News and Commentary: Will Kaepernick ever throw another pass? Free-agent quarterback Colin Kaepernick arrives at a workout for NFL football scouts and media, Saturday, Nov. 16, 2019, in Riverdale, Ga

By: Amaury Pi-González

In the media world we live today, where 24-hour news cycles are furious and non-stop, it seems like a decade ago since the last time Colin Kaepernick threw for a touchdown pass. Did we forget that his college career was a great success? He is the only player in NCAA history to pass for over 10,000 yards and rush for over 4,000 yards in college. He is the greatest player in the history of the University of Nevada football.Then, as a professional, he led the San Francisco 49ers to the Super Bowl in his second season.

Recently, Kaepernick was getting another chance. A workout for 26 teams. It has been more than three seasons he has not played in the NFL. His biggest enemy is his ego. Let us don’t forget the fact he was a backup when the 49ers decided to let him go. When you are a backup in the NFL,you are not as big as you might think you are, in this case, Kaepernick. He has also made over $40 million from the NFL,not to shabby for a guy that today is not remembered as a very good football player but the man “that took a knee and became world famous.”

At the time, Kaepernick took the knee and started a conversation in the country,which depends on your opinion, I defended his rights to free speech as an American citizen, and I said in an interview with Telemundo (Channel 48) that although I did not agree with his action, he had all the right in world to do what he did, as unpopular as it was. You might call me “old fashioned.” but I believe sports is truly a escape from the real world, and politics should not be mixed with sports. It is as simple as that. He could have called a press conference, at any time and place to give his opinion.

Kaepernick should understand that the NFL is a business and businesses stay in business only when they make a profit. The NFL is not a non-profit organization. It is capitalism. This recent workout was a debacle because his inability to understand he is just a guy that played in a popular league, that at the end respected but not agreed with his actions on the field. He is not bigger than the sport. When he played, he was an employee, not an owner.

In the end, how the league organized a workout for the quarterback was a fiasco. He still very much toxic to the NFL.

He is 32 years old in a sports league where the average career is between three to four years. His time might have passed or might have not.

The question remains: Will Colin Kaepernick ever throw another pass?

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