San Jose State men’s basketball Director of Basketball Operations, Trent Miyagishima, is a new favorite

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By Ana Kieu

Every successful men’s basketball program has the same key ingredients – a great coach and coaching staff, great players and great support. Well, at least those are the ingredients that the fans see on the surface. Beneath the surface, there are plenty of other components that go into making (and sustaining) a successful program. There’s scheduling team travel, making hotel reservations, overseeing day-to-day duties to ensure that all the little things run smoothly, and analyzing the stats on the bench to help the staff make game adjustments — just to name a few.

All of these crucial yet overlooked details fall on the shoulders of the Director of Basketball Operations, and at San Jose State we have one of the best in the business – Trent Miyagishima.

Miyagishima joined the San Jose State men’s basketball program back in 2011 as a Team Manager and has stuck around ever since. He has been on staff longer than any of the current coaches and has climbed his way up the ladder, taking on new responsibilities and challenges each season.

Beginning in 2015, Miyagishima, who graduated from San Jose State with a degree in Communication Studies in 2017, became the Head Manager and in 2017, he took over the role of Video Coordinator. In the role, he was responsible for shooting, editing and analyzing video from all practices and all games.

Prior to last season, Miyagishima took the next step in his professional career as he was promoted to the Director of Operations. Tasked with overseeing all the day-to-day functions of the San Jose State men’s basketball program, while continuing to handle the Video Coordinator duties, he has excelled in the role and is one of the most important members of the Spartan program.

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