That’s Amaury’s News and Commentary podcast: Sox get a taste and get shut out from former Sox pitchers Bassitt and Golito

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On That’s Amaury’s podcast:

#1 The Oakland A’s on Sunday combined for a shutout 2-0 against the Chicago White Sox and got it from pitchers Chris Bassitt and Lucas Giolito, who combined for 20 strikeouts, allowing three hits over 13 innings

#2 The Sox gave up on Giolito and Bassitt while they were struggling to stay on the team. Both pitchers had the date circled on their calendar for an opportunity to get some pitching revenge out on the team who gave up on them.

#3 Bassitt, who pitches every other five days, has a career wins total tying his total in 2015.

#4 On the shutout, A’s manager Bob Melvin said that was the best outing that he’s seen out of Bassitt this season.

#5 The A’s head to San Francisco where you and Manolo will be doing play-by-play coverage for the A’s Spanish. What’s that going to be like getting back to the City and watch these two teams who are hungry for a wild card spot?

Amaury does News and Commentary each Tuesday and is the Oakland Spanish A’s play-by-play voice on KIQI 1010 San Francisco

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