San Jose State football holds first fall scrimmage

Photo credit: @AnaKieu

By: Ana Kieu

SAN JOSE, Calif. — San Jose State Spartans football held its first fall scrimmage at CEFCU Stadium on a breezy Saturday. Popular rap tunes such as “Homecoming” by Kanye West and “Bring Em Out” by T.I. blasted at full volume, and fans and media members alike took advantage of the wind.

The Spartans took the field and made it obvious that they gave a 100 percent effort. Although the regular season hasn’t started yet, this was an all-around great effort by the team, who finished last season with a lowly 1-11 (1-7 Mountain West) record.

“Defense did great today,”linebacker Tysyn Parker said. “We took a lot of the instruction in the film room in our defensive meetings and translated it onto the field.”

“I think, collectively, as a group, we’re playing better and we’re more accomplished, but our offense hasn’t been forming as well in practices — getting turnovers on defense — and our goal for the year is to prevent turnovers.”

Of course, San Jose State had the heart, talent and preparation. However, a powerful push on a snap stopped them short of a touchdown as defensive end Cameron Alexander went down with an apparent injury. Alexander, however, managed to get up off the field to get checked out by doctors.

At halftime, San Jose State players and coaches recuperated from a few frantic plays to gear up for the second half. “Headstrong” by Trapt played, and that, my friends, was the perfect song to motivate the Spartans, especially its lyrics, “Back off, I’ll take you on / Headstrong to take on anyone / I know that you are wrong / Headstrong, we’re Headstrong.”

The Spartans continued to play their best in the final minutes of the scrimmage. There was another Spartan first down that led to a punt on first down and offensive lineman Scott Breslin caught the punted ball.

Obviously, there were quite a few improvements to be made, but I’m fairly certain that the Spartans will address their issues.

“We executed,” defensive back Brandon Ezell said. “We did our assignment. We’re locked in.”

“We did our job. Still, some things to work on, but overall, we executed.”

“It’s coming fast,” head coach Brent Brennan. “There’s a lot of work to do and I’m excited to get back to work.”

“Alex Gallant, Hunter Nye, Jordan Cobbs, all those guys have been spreading like fire,” added Brennan.

NOTES: Former Spartan defensive tackle Boogie Roberts returned to the Bay Area for his first NFL game with the Rams at the Oakland Coliseum on Saturday.

San Jose State will host Retro Night at CEFCU Stadium on Thursday, August 29 at 7:00 p.m. versus Northern Colorado.

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