San Francisco Giants podcast with Morris Phillips and Michael Duca: Giants slowly but surely have improved the team, thanks to Zaidi file photo: San Francisco Giants general manager Farhan Zaidi is the one that holds the decision as to whether or not pitchers Madison Bumgarner or Will Smith stay or go.

On the Giants podcast with Morris and Michael:

The last time Morris and Michael recorded a podcast, the San Francisco Giants were 11 games below .500 and they went as far as 12 games as far as 35-37 and they have won 16 of their last 19 and have rescued their season. We weren’t talking about the same club the last time we spoke.

The Giants are a team that has managed to during the course of the year and they’re getting younger with almost every transaction they make and yet getting more competitive also. The whole thing about Giants general manager Farhan Zaidi — he couldn’t make a splash move, but what we’ve seen is he’s making these incremental moves and made the team slightly better each time.

Listen for more as Morris and Michael bring you the Giants podcast at

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