Montas suspended for 80 games

Photo credit: @NBCSAthletics

By: Lewis Rubman

OAKLAND — If last night’s walk off A’s win against the Rays was gut wrenching, what MLB announced at 2:02 this afternoon was a kick in the gut. Frankie Montás, the most effective and consistent of the A’s pitchers, has been suspended for 80 games, effective immediately, because the performance enhancing drug Ostarine has been detected in his system.

Barring a successful appeal, he next will be eligible to play in the September 24 game against the Angels in Anaheim. Montás will be ineligible to participate in the post season, if the A’s should manage to go that far. For the moment, that seems unlikely unless Jesús Luzardo and AJ Puk recover rapidly and completely to help the team pull off another miracle.

The A’s front office issued a brief statement that read in its entirety, “The A’s were disappointed upon learning of this suspension. We fully support MLB’s Joint Drug Prevention and Treatment Program and we will welcome Frankie back after the discipline has been served.”

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