Oakland A’s podcast with Charlie O: Multiple home runs and hits have A’s leading the A.L.

mlbpick.com photo file photo: Alex Bergman of the Houston Astros takes a hack as he and the Astros open up a two game series against a very offensive potent Oakland A’s team at the Oakland Coliseum starting tonight.

Oakland A’s podcast with Charlie O:

#1 The A’s, despite losing by a run on Sunday to the Rangers, are leading the American League in multiple home run games. Sunday’s game was their eighth consecutive multiple home run game with Stephen Piscotty and Matt Chapman belting home runs against the Texas Rangers.

#2 The A’s, who had their second day off in four days after playing everyday since March 28th, still show consistency, but with more rest.

#3 The A’s also set a mark for the second time in franchise history. They hit five home runs in back-to-back games. The second time the A’s have done it in franchise history.

#4 The A’s at their current pace have a shot at setting the all-time season mark for home runs for a team. The A’s are on a pace of hitting 307 home runs, which would break the New York Yankee’s all-time mark from last season of 267.

#5 Charlie talks about how things look at the Las Vegas Aviators, the A’s triple A affiliate, and if their are any prospects of anyone getting promoted.

Charlie O does the A’s podcasts each Tuesday at http://www.sportsradioservice.com

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