Larry Baer suspended by MLB for physical altercation with wife file photo: San Francisco Giants CEO Larry Baer is serving a five month suspension including retroactive time going back to March 4th and will be back to work July 1st. The suspension was issued by MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred on Tuesday.

by Jeremy Harness

SAN FRANCISCO — Calling for warranted discipline and after reviewing a TMZ video of San Francisco Giants CEO Larry Baer on March 1st getting up and pulling a cell phone out of the hands of his wife Pam where she was seated and fell off her chair and Baer walking away in San Francisco’s Hayes Valley Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred has suspended Baer without pay until July 1st.

Manfred said that the suspension without pay will be retroactive from March 4th when Baer had went on voluntary leave of absence from the club on March 4th. Baer had made a statement after the incident that he apologized for his actions the same evening of the altercation.

Baer’s wife Pam at the time said that she had an injured foot and that she couldn’t keep her balance while hanging onto the phone and Baer was pulling up on the phone and she fell off her chair screaming “oh my God help.”

The question now remains can Larry Baer remain CEO of the Giants after something like this and still have the respect of the community, players, fans, women’s right’s groups and have his front office and MLB colleagues still listen and respect his business decisions?

Manfred said that Baer is held to a higher standard and as the face and front person of the Giants he should have been better than that. The total amount of suspension time including retroactive time without pay amounts to a five month suspension. Baer will be allowed to return to work on July 1st but the Giants partnership may also decide to ask Baer to step down when he returns.

Jeremy Harness is a San Francisco Giants beat writer for

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