San Jose State football showcased their skills in Saturday scrimmage

Photo credit: @AnaKieu

By: Ana Kieu

SAN JOSE, Calif. — A lot went on this week for San Jose State Spartans football, including the 2019 SJSU Spartans Coaches Clinic, where the Spartans’ coaching staff connected and talked ball with over 100 coaches from the State of California. The Spartans, however, wrapped up the busy week with a scrimmage in CEFCU Stadium on Saturday afternoon.

Last week, big plays highlighted SJSU’s first scrimmage. This week, SJSU was back at it for their second scrimmage, which was fairly low-key as there were fewer fans in attendance.

Classic rock, R&B, pop, and electro house blasted out of the speakers in CEFCU. The players took the field, practiced their runs, and created big plays. Last season, SJSU was unskilled in running the ball in some key situations against the Wyoming Cowboys and Nevada Wolf Pack, just to name a few Mountain West teams.

The position groups huddled and talked during the unofficial halftime of the scrimmage. After 10 minutes or so, the groups returned to their respective spots on the field.

It wasn’t long before SJSU got a first down and kept possession of the ball. Though, it was an arguable first down because the play was whistled dead by the officials. But I’m going to let you make your own call on the play.

A notable highlight was when a defensive player caught a ball that was initially kicked several feet into the air and stopped a potential scoring play by the offensive unit. Both the players and fans erupted in cheers as all eyes were on the field.

Shortly after, the defense forced the ball out and forced a turnover, which flipped the script. But let’s not forget that this scrimmage was purely spring ball. It’s clear the defense has improved, but they’ll need more than sacks. SJSU will face a tough test in its home opener against the Northern Colorado Bears on August 29th. Northern Colorado’s an FCS team, but they won two games in the 2018 and had one more win than SJSU. So SJSU has to make more than one solid defensive secondary play to hold off Northern Colorado.

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