2019 NHL All-Star Game Feature

Photo credit: @NHL

By Pearl Allison Lo

SAN JOSE — The 2019 NHL All-Star Game, played on a Saturday for the first time in years, also debuted Parley Ocean Plastic™ jerseys and player tracking at home on TV and on the Jumbotron inside the arena.

Asked if it felt different having the game being played on a different day, Calgary Flames’ Johnny Gaudreau uttered, “It didn’t feel too different, just get out of here one day earlier. It was a fun weekend. Had a blast. Wish we could have kept playing here, but that’s the way it goes sometimes. The Central division has some pretty skilled players right there, so I think they played well.”

The game jerseys were the first-ever NHL jerseys featuring repurposed and upcycled materials developed in partnership with Parley for the Oceans. The white and black jerseys, matching the on-ice elements, also marked the first time team logos were used for NHL All-Star jerseys. An ad after the second game, showed players commenting about the joint initiative with Adidas, including “plastic doesn’t belong in the ocean,” and “turning threat into thread.”

After the first game, Edmonton Oilers’ Connor McDavid asked if the jerseys felt any different and the idea behind them, replied, “I think the jerseys felt the same. I l love the idea behind it. It’s good for the environment. It’s pretty remarkable what they can do with turning plastic into those jerseys…”  

On the Jumbotron below the score, it showed the top three on-ice time for either side. Also shown on the screen was the puck speed and players’ names and numbers at times. The score and on-ice time glitched out during the Championship game, with the score returning eventually, but not the on-ice time stats.

“The San Jose boys turned it on for a bit. 10-5 is better than 10-1,” Edmonton’s Leo Draisaitl mentioned, as Joe Pavelski, Brent Burns and Eric Karlsson combined for three goals and two assists.

During the beginning of the game, “Let’s Go Sharks!” was chanted and when Karlsson scored the first goal for the Pacific with a clutch breakaway and every Pacific goal after, the hometown team’s goal song buzzed inside the building.

Asked the percent of how much that made it feel like home, versus an All-Star Game, Burns replied, “The chants were pretty cool. Making it 3-on-3 is a totally different atmosphere. The crowd was awesome. It was good energy. Terrible outcome,” interjected Karlsson to raucous laughter.

Draisaitl gave Anaheim Ducks’ goalie John Gibson a reassuring stick tap after the Central Division scored their sixth goal versus him. “Ducks Suck” chants were also heard from the crowd.

On the booing from the crowd perspective, Draisaitl offered, “At the end of the day, it’s all for fun, so I think those fans enjoyed watching the best players in the world. Obviously, if they can make a joke or little fun..it’s all good.”

For Gibson, Gaudreau commented, “well yeah, it’s not his fault. He’s got 12 superstars coming down on him, 2-on-1s, 3-on-2s, breakways, can’t blame him. That’s what happens when you put 10-12 guys who can shoot the puck and make plays like that, so it kind of got away from us there for a little.”

Gaudreau’s dad was behind the Pacific bench as a Special Assistant. On how he would describe his dad as a coach during the game, Gaudreau conveyed, “He was quiet, first, for a little bit, but he hates losing more than me, so he started off, just giving guys little pushes on the back, saying “Let’s go, let’s go…He had a lot of fun with it.”

Another great announcement by the NHL was made during the second game intermission: To celebrate the contributions of Renata Fast (Team Canada), Brianna Decker (Team USA), Kendall Coyne Schofield (Team USA) and Rebecca Johnston (Team Canada), the NHL will donate $25,000 in each of their names to charities or hockey programs of their choice.  

Sidney Crosby made his return to the All-Star celebration triumphantly, named the All-Star MVP by the fans with four goals and four assists, scoring two goals and one assist in Game Two and two goals and two assists in the Championship game.

On being able to play, Crosby remarked, “It was fun to be with the guys” and about his success here, “got some great memories here for sure.”

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