San Jose Barracuda podcast with Marko Ukalovic: Cuda coming off a two-game split with Tucson, but still the best in the AHL

Photo credit: @sjbarracuda

On the Barracuda podcast with Marko:

#1 The Barracuda are coming off a two-game split against the Tucson Roadrunners in games from last Friday and Saturday. The Roadrunners got a 4-3 win against the Barracuda on Saturday.

#2 The Roadrunners Jordan Gross scored the game-winning goal with two minutes left at 18:06 in the third period. The Roadrunners were on a mission on Saturday as they weren’t going to cough up that game.

#3 Jeffery Truchon-Viel scored the Barracuda’s first goal of the game–an example why the Barracuda don’t waste too much time to get on the scoreboard first.

#4 Talk about the play when Keaton Middleton, who had the puck only to lose it to the Roadrunners’ Trevor Cheek, a crucial goal for the Roadrunners at 3:20 in the second period.

#5 The Barracuda host the Colorado Eagles on Thursday. The Cuda had trouble with the Eagles earlier this season, can the Cuda get past the Eagles on Thursday?

Marko does the SJ Barracuda podcast each Wednesday at

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