Headline Sports with London Marq: LeBron’s slave owner remarks–how much of an impact will this have going forward?

youtube.com photo: LeBron James of the Los Angeles Lakers gets a haircut on his HBO show The Shop recently apologized for saying recent remarks made on social media

On Headline Sports with London:

#1 On LeBron James saying in the referring to NFL owners, “They got a bunch of old white men owning teams with a slave mentality.” Although LeBron apologized, some people say they know where he’s coming from.

#2 LeBron said the 21 Savage lyric: “We been getting that Jewish money everything is kosher” on his Instagram post and apologized for what he said on his show The Shop on HBO.

#3 LeBron said this about the mentality of the NFL owners, “This is my team you all do what the hell I tell you to.” What did LeBron mean?

#4 Even after apologizing, does LeBron get a pass for what he said on this subject and that what he said deserves further discussion on what did LeBron really mean? Going forward, will LeBron have problems with the reactions from this?

#5 Does LeBron need to get off social media? On the program Speak for Yourself on FS1, they said when he goes on social media “he’s drunk.” Does LeBron go too far on social media and his show The Shop?

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