San Jose State Athletics on a better path

Photo credit: @will_brocchini

By: Ana Kieu

You probably saw how awful San Jose State football and men’s basketball has looked in the past year, but it looks like both programs are on a better path.

When it comes to football, the Spartans’ football coaching staff has been fairly busy in holding meetings and trying to attract high school and college football players to commit to San Jose State. Most recently, B.J. Johnson–a Montgomery High School athlete from Santa Rosa, Calif.–committed to SJSU just two days after officially visiting the school. Moreover, Chad Earle–a East Los Angeles College cornerback from Monterey Park, Calif.–received an offer from SJSU.

When it comes to men’s basketball, the Spartans put together two wins in a row. The first win came on Dec. 6 when SJSU defeated Bethune Cookman 67-65 inside the Event Center. The second win came on Dec. 15 when SJSU ran away with a 79-74 win over Northern Arizona inside the Event Center. This was a great way for the Spartans to wrap up their four-game homestand in San Jose, Calif.

After the SJSU-NAU game, Spartans head coach Jean Prioleau said: “I don’t think they’ll be any pressure. I think our guys will be really excited. We played a lot of games so far where we have a quick turnaround. Tomorrow, we’re going to practice as well as Monday, and we’re going to play on Tuesday. Then, we play again on Friday. So I don’t think the guys are going to be too concerned about pressure at all.”

Prioleau added: “We’ve been in a lot of close games where we’ve been pressured enough. So I think our guys will be ready to play and they’ll be excited to play.”

Now, the Spartans may face bigger challenges as their upcoming Pac-12 opponents are Stanford and Cal on Dec. 18 and Dec. 21, respectively. Both games will be featured on the Pac-12 Network. Since I asked Prioleau about pressure on Saturday, I’m well-aware that Prioleau hasn’t really expressed nervousness about the upcoming three-game road trip that ends at St. Mary’s on Dec. 29, but they’re other Bay Area teams and they’re likely not going to play nice, so the Spartans have to hold great, high-quality practices on the practice court the next two weeks.

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