Oakland Raiders podcast with Tony Renteria: It’s a soap opera at the Raiders team leaving after this season and GM fired, can they win another game this Sunday?

Photo credit: @BR_NFL

On the Raiders podcast with Tony:

#1 Did anyone see the firing of Reggie McKenzie coming? Was Tony surprised about the firing?

#2 Who was more to blame for the Raiders 3-10 record this season, McKenzie or head coach Jon Gruden?

#3 Gruden said he doesn’t have any general managers in mind right at the moment.

#4 The city of Oakland is suing the Oakland Raiders for loses of revenue and upkeep at the Coliseum that’s been unpaid. The Raiders owner Mark Davis said if the city sues, then he would play the 2019 season elsewhere.

#5 With the firing of McKenzie and the possible move of the Raiders out of the Coliseum, how distracting is this for the Raiders going into their next game?

Tony does the Raiders podcasts each Thursday at sportsradioservice.com


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