Headline Sports podcast with London Marq: Shakeup at Raiders team being sued, won’t be back in Oakland after this season; GM fired this week

yahoosports.com: Oakland Raiders owner Mark Davis (left) and former general manger Reggie McKenzie in 2012 photo parted company Sunday and the City of Oakland is suing the Raiders for lost revenue caused by the Raiders moving to Vegas

On Headline Sports with London:

#1 Former Oakland Raiders general manager Reggie McKenzie was fired on Sunday and not even allowed to finish the season with just three games left. Which scenario would you call this firing an honorable discharge or dishonorable discharge?

#2 When head coach Jon Gruden got on the scene, was that pretty much writing on the wall for McKenzie?

#3 Gruden stated until the last Raiders game in a presser that he and McKenzie got along just fine and there was no problem.

#4 Former Washington Nationals outfielder Bryce Harper is this winter’s top prospect his agent. Scott Boras is still shopping for a team for Harper and apparently the Giants general manager Farhan Zaidi will be talking with Boras during this week’s Winter Meetings. Harper has been touted as a LeBron-like commodity in the free agency sweepstakes.

#5 The A’s second baseman Jed Lowrie is reportedly asking too much in free agency and the A’s might seek free agent DJ LeMahieu. Lowrie is asking for $10 million a year and a multi year deal. LeMahieu could join the A’s for one season at $10 million and the A’s won’t have to worry about a multi-year deal since the $10 million would be coming from his final year of his deal with the Colorado Rockies. Also, the A’s are looking at Troy Tulowitzki–he’s from Sunnyvale and likes that the A’s who are a post season contending team the Jays are paying his remaining $38 million salary and the A’s would pay the extra $600,000 to Tulowitski.

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