San Francisco 49ers podcast with Joe Lami: 49ers get ready for a noisy time in Seattle

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On the San Francisco 49ers podcast with Joe:

#1 San Francisco 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan is so concerned about the noise level that they had to deal with at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa Bay last Sunday. He plans to ask the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to have the very loud PA announcer to keep the volume down.

#2 Shanahan is quite familiar with the noise level at upcoming CenturyLink Field this coming Sunday-a place better know for the fans as the 12th man.

#3 The Seattle Seahawks have won seven straight home games, making the 49ers visit to Century Link tough enough in spite of dealing with the loud crowd.

#4 49ers quarterback Nick Mullens quarterback rating has taken a dive since his debut against the Raiders (151.9) against the New York Giants (73.3), and then it fell against Tampa Bay (62.1).

#5 The Reuben Foster signing by Washington took many by surprise and only two days after he was let go by the 49ers. Washington’s head coach Jay Gruden said the team will address the community saying the team will address the outcry and they’ll try and find out exactly what happened.

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