Oakland Raiders podcast with Joe Hawkes Beamon: Raiders on primetime show on Monday Night, but will it be all about Mack?

Photo credit: @Raiders

On the Oakland Raiders podcast with Joe:

#1 Regular season kicks off on primetime TV in Oakland. The Los Angeles Rams pay a visit to the Oakland Raiders the prelude to this game. Is the anticipation of the deal to send Khalil Mack to Chicago and much discussion expected on national TV?

#2 You try and watch the opener on Monday Night Football, but not only Mack dominates the telecast, but also the discussion. How it might turn on how the Raiders made a mistake on dealing Mack and how the Raiders very well might not make postseason without their superstar player?

#3 Mack amassed 40.5 sacks, but the Raiders still finished 24th in the league in defense. Will the Raiders sink further now without Mack?

#4 What about the fans? Raider Nation isn’t taking this well at all. Has the Raiders’ front office been hit with emails, comments and messages since the deal went down?

#5 Can this team focus and can they get their best player out of their head on Monday Night Football?

Joe Hawkes Beamon writes a weekly preview on Raiders football each week at http://www.sportsradioservice.com

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