San Francisco Giants podcast with Michael Duca and Morris Phillips: First time for SF being four games from .500, but not in a good way

Photo credit: @SFGiants

On the Giants podcast with Michael and Morris:

It’s a red letter day for the San Francisco Giants this is the first day that the Giants have not been within three games above .500. They’re four games below .500. They’ve lost four out of five. They’ve lost four straight. Giants manager Bruce Bochy admitted last week it’s a strong uphill climb.

The Giants are competitors and they’re never going to wave the white flag, but they’re acknowledging the rest of this season is audition time. Remember this is the club that was the only MLB team that didn’t make a move after the All-Star game and before the trade deadline.

The one major move they’ve made is obtaining Austin Jackson from Texas and McCutchen’s move earlier this week to New York. It has been audition time for a while now and one of the things that we’ve been pointing to is how guys are pitching and that the Giants pitcher Reyes Moronta, who came in to relieve on Tuesday night, was touched up by the Rockies.

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