Khris Davis is the other KD that people should be talking about

Photo credit: @athletics_fanly

By: Ana Kieu

OAKLAND, Calif. — I think it’s pretty obvious that Khris Davis is the other KD in the Bay Area that people should be talking about. But, just in case you need a couple of reasons on why Davis deserves a similar amount of praise like Golden State Warriors star Kevin Durant, I’ll give you a couple of reasons.

Davis, a Lakewood, Calif. native, has been piling up the hits and RBIs on the field as the A’s designated hitter. The Coliseum’s playing surface, Rickey Henderson Field, is a gorgeous reflection of the Green and Gold. But, as you may already know, Davis has a shot at becoming a big A’s star. The 30-year-old bats and throws right and recently has joined quality company alongside Jimmie Foxx and Mark McGwire with his third straight year with 40 or more home runs.

“It’s just miraculous [the kind of] numbers that he puts up,” A’s manager Bob Melvin told NBC Sports Bay Area. “We’ve had a long history of power hitters here, and to be with Jimmie Foxx in that kind of company and we’re still looking at close to a month left … He’s been as consistent a power hitter as anyone’s been in Oakland.”

Davis also joined Foxx as the second player in A’s history to go back-to-back with 40 homers. Davis needs eight more homers to pass Terry Steinbach for 15th place on the A’s all-time home runs list.

Davis has been dubbed as “the most consistent hitter in baseball history” by Davis’ batting average is consistent to the point where it’s scary.

Davis’ opposite is Washington Nationals star Bryce Harper, who’s currently tied as the third most volatile hitter over a five-year span. Harper’s batting average has taken quite the roller coaster ride, but it’s obvious that inconsistency doesn’t automatically mean that a hitter is subpar. Harper’s team, however, tends to fall apart in the postseason, thanks to the so-called Washington D.C. sports curse.

In my opinion, Davis’ other nickname could be “Mr. Reliable” since he provides a ray of consistency in the midst of random batting averages among MLB players.

Additionally, Davis’ actions off the field speak volumes that he’s not just a respectable DH, but also an all-around good guy. Last month, Davis asked a young male fan, Anthony Slocumb, from the Make-A-Wish Foundation to sign his jersey. Slocumb is a sixth grader from Oakland. Slocumb had been in remission from a rare cancer called Langerhans cell histiocytosis, but attended an A’s vs. Rangers game at the Coliseum with a group from the Make-A-Wish Foundation’s Greater Bay Area chapter.

Davis kept Slocumb in his memory while out and about on the field. Davis also slugged a homer for the A’s 9-0 shutout win over the Rangers that day.

“I thought about him around the bases. There’s not a better feeling than hitting a home run, so hopefully he got some excitement and joy from watching that,” Davis told ESPN. “They’re really the stars. … He was excited. I could tell that he was just happy to be here and wanted to have some fun. It was amazing, the look on his face.”

Davis never thought once about changing uniform shirts either.

Slocumb’s mother was pleased by Davis’ kind gesture, as it’s not everyday where an average person or group of persons crosses paths with a talented and kind-hearted MLB player.

With all that said, Davis may not become this year’s MVP, but he has been a large chunk of the A’s renaissance; and this why he’s the other KD that people should be talking about.

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