San Francisco 49ers podcast with Joe Lami: NFL is cracking down on lowering helmets as a weapon; 49ers’ Sherman says the new rule is idiotic

Photo credit: @SportsCenter

On the 49ers podcast with Joe:

#1 The NFL imposed a new rule about lowering helmets before making contact. Are the players upset by this new rule?

#2 Regardless of player position, the penalty of lowering helmets will be 15 yards and a game ejection, which the league ruled that the helmet is used for contact with another player that could cause serious injury, including a concussion.

#3 The change was made after the league observed 33 preseason games and after 50 helmet penalties, which have been assessed.

#4 The 49ers’ cornerback Richard Sherman said the new rule is idiotic, saying “there’s no way you can tackle the way they are asking people to tackle and play football.”

#5 The 49ers play week three in Indianapolis Saturday, which means the 49ers will see a lot more starters in the first half. Joe talks about what will be expected of the starters on Saturday.

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