Sportstalk podcast at Diplomat Steakhouse in downtown Sacramento

Cast: Michael Duca ( and host), Jeremy Kahn (SF Giants and Oakland Raiders reporter), Jeremy Harness (SF Giants and PGA reporter), London Marq (Sacramento Kings and SJ Earthquakes reporter), Jeremiah Salmonson (Sacramento Kings reporter), Charlie O (Oakland A’s and Sacramento Kings reporter), Lee Leonard (producer).

Sportstalk is proud to podcast at The Diplomat Steakhouse at 1117 11th Street in downtown Sacramento. Our thanks to our hosts: owner Ramesh Prasad, Marketing Patrick Harbison, Manager Chriss Lamm, Assistant General Manager Danielle “Feisty Spice” Feist, Event Concierge Aimee Spaulding, and Kaitlin Deathriage.

Being diplomatic is our brand’s core binding. We are intuitive when in conducting your dining experience, and can achieve peaceful resolutions to any quandary while facilitating intriguing discussion with anyone on the map. We broadened the scope and magnified the habitual steakhouse fare. We resolve differences by implementing international fusion cuisine to please any and all palates. We strive to achieve a peaceful atmosphere, and our ingenuity gives us the edge to connect to any guest.

Restaurateur, Ramesh Prasad, has has dined worldwide in the vast ever occurring steakhouse traditional fine dining concepts. Complacent with their predictability, he manifested his vision into reality. Sacramento is in the prime of revitalization, and developing a signature steakhouse is pioneering the industries’ cravings.

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