Jonas Jerebko reportedly makes an easy decision to join Warriors

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By: Ana Kieu

Not all NBA players are fortunate enough to make easy decisions to join other pro basketball teams, but Jonas Jerebko was apparently fortunate to do such a thing.

Jerebko, also known as “the Swedish Larry Bird,” is a Kinna, Sweden, native. The 31-year-old is far from a young rookie, but he’s a 36.3% 3-point shooter who shot 41.4% from beyond the arc with the Utah Jazz last season. Those aren’t exactly excellent numbers, but they’re not going to be labeled as draft bust type of numbers anytime soon…unless if he starts to fall behind for whatever reason it may be.

It’s obvious that Golden State isn’t wasting any time, as they signed Jerebko to a one-year, $4.2 million just days after Utah waived him. Jerebko spent the 2017-18 season with the Jazz. Jerebko also played for the Boston Celtics (2015-17) and Detroit Pistons (2009-15) in the NBA along with Angelico Biella (2007-09), Plannja (2006-07), and Boras (2005-06) in his native Europe.

Of course, Jerebko isn’t on the same level as a healthy DeMarcus Cousins, but the Swedish big man can bring some much-needed depth to the Warriors’ frontcourt. Jerebko has a pretty good ability to shoot the ball, which is going to be vital for a Warriors squad that has struggled to score at times.

According to The Mercury News, Jerebko is optimistic towards Cousins’ Achilles recovery While that’s a good thing, as no one would welcome an unfriendly teammate, only time will tell. Let’s see when Cousins’ target return date will be announced and if he can achieve it.

Jerebko added, “I want to show that its possible to come from Sweden and play for a team like Golden State.”

Jerebko is reportedly going to train in Michigan and return to the Bay Area by the start of the Warriors’ training camp in September.

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