NHL podcast with Joe Lami: Emergency goalie sets NHL record; Canucks get a comeback win; Sharks drop two straight; plus more

Photo credit: @BarDown

On the NHL podcast with Joe Lami:

#1 What could you say about emergency goalie Scott Foster, a 36 year old accountant by day, back up goalie for the Chicago Blackhawks by night? Foster, who stopped seven shots after the Hawks’ first two goalies were hurt, helped in defeating the Winnipeg Jets 6-2. Foster set the NHL record for length of time played by an emergency goalie. The previous record was under 60 seconds. Foster was put into a situation where he was greatly needed as opposed to previous emergency goalies who played for just a few seconds and got the job done.

#2 The Vancouver Canucks got by the Edmonton Oilers 2-1. The Canucks’ goals from Sam Gagner and Derrick Pousiot were all that was needed. The Canucks were down 1-0, but came back with goals in the second and third periods.

#3 The Minnesota Wild made no doubts about who was going to dominate this game as they got three goals in the second period. The Wild got two goals from Zach Parise.

#4 The San Jose Sharks dropped their second straight game. This time to the Nashville Predators 5-3. Coming out of a 2-2 tie after the first period. the Preds got to work with a goal in second period and scored twice in the third period.

#5 It was all Blue Jackets in a 5-1 win past the Calgary Flames. Columbus’ Pierre Luc DuBois got a hat trick in the contest.

Joe Lami does the NHL podcasts each Friday at http://www.sportsradioservice.com

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