Cal Bears Podcast with Morris Phillips: Cal most likely will finish up in the Pac 12 cellar and headed to an all-time season loss record

Photo credit: @CalMBB

On the Cal Bears Podcast with Morris:

BERKELEY–It’s very unlikely that the Cal Bears will avoid 12th place this season they have not finished last in the Pac 12, Pac 10, Pac 8 since 1980. They’re not going to avoid those couple of loses at home this week where they dropped games to Washington and Washington State. They head to Arizona State on Thursday and Arizona on Saturday. Wazoo has a one game lead over Cal for 12th place and they would have to lose twice to back into last if there’s a tie Cal would be saddled with that 12th seed in the conference tournaments.

These are very unusual times for Cal the next loss is the 22nd loss they’ve never lost 22 ball games in a season in 111 years in Berkeley of playing basketball but that looks absolutely assured this year unless they become hot and win out the national championship which would be quite a story within itself but very unlikely. Things are in flux in the Pac 12 Arizona, Utah, and USC are all caught up in this FBI college basketball scandal to varying degrees and obviously we’ve heard a lot about Arizona and head coach Sean Miller who offered freshman Deandre Ayton $100,000 to sign on with AZ. Miller in a FBI wiretap was reportedly recorded offering Ayton the money it will be interesting to see how much longer Miller will remain at Arizona who Cal plays this Saturday at the McHale Center.

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