San Francisco Giants Podcast with Michael Duca: Panda takes on role as bullpen catcher and could be a third string catcher

photo from San Francisco Giants catcher Pablo Sandoval (48) will catch in the bullpen and according to manager Bruce Bochy will be the Giants third string catcher this spring

On the SF Giants Podcast with Michael:

1 San Francisco Giants third baseman Pablo Sandoval will see action as the Giants bullpen catcher and manger Bruce Bochy might use Sandoval as the third string catcher during spring training games.

2 Sandoval seems like he wants to help out where he can, he’s such a presence in the clubhouse

3 How do you see the additions of Andrew McCutchen, Evan Longoria, Austin Jackson impacting this line up

4 Will the pitching staff be an improvement over last season’s staff

5 Madison Bumgarner says the pitching staff will have to overcome some of the MLB rule changes, less visits to the mound by coaches and managers, less TV time outs or less ads, which translates less time to warm up between innings

#6 Talk with Michael about some of last year’s highlights of former Giant infielder Eduardo Nunez who had a bat and a glove did the Giants make a mistake letting someone of the talents of a Nunez go?

Michael Duca does the San Francisco Giants Podcast each Friday and is covering the 2018 Spring Training games at


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