That’s Amaury’s News and Commentary: Baseball–Owners Getting Smarter on Long Contracts

Photo credit: @Jared_Carrabis

By: Amaury Pi Gonzalez

The Boston Red Sox are offering J.D. Martinez a $150 million five-year contract, but the 30-year-old baseball leader with a .690 slugging percentage is seeking a $200 million deal.

There lies the problem, and Martinez could be without a job during Spring Training. Nobody can use Martinez more than Boston, who saw their main rival–the New York Yankees–sign Giancarlo Stanton, this winter, which gave the Yankees a potentially historic home run duo with the young and equally powerful Aaron Judge.

There is a good chance that Boston will sign Martinez, but it might not be the $200 million deal that his agent Scott Boras is asking for.

It seems today that owners are not inclined to give these long five, six and seven year contracts anymore. Why can’t the players just realize they can get great money, but shorter length of contracts? The days of the 10-year, $200 to $300 million contract seem to be nothing but a thing of the past.

At the conclusion of the 2018 season, guys like Bryce Harper and Clayton Kershaw will also become free agents. Not far behind is the best player in the game, Mike Trout, who will be testing the free market.

So, fasten your seat belt, Louie, this could be the beginning of a different “friendship” between the league’s owners and players.

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