Original Joe’s downtown San Jose podcast Sportstalk for Thu Jan 4, 2018

yelp.com photo: San Jose Original Joe’s downtown San Jose at 301 First Street since 1956

Welcome back to another edition of Sportstalk podcast on www.sportsradioservice.com with your host Matt Harrington (San Jose Sharks reporter and host of the show), Mary Lisa Walsh (San Jose Sharks weekend reporter), A’s Spanish play by play announcer Amaury Pi Gonzalez, Mahal and Amrita from IND TV, Marko Ukalovic (San Jose Barracuda reporter), Len Shapiro (San Jose Sharks podcaster), and producer Lee Leonard.

We were podcasting from a San Jose tradition Original Joe’s 301 South First Street in downtown San Jose. Our thanks to our hosts at Original Joe’s: the owners and management Matt, Brad and Bob; the Rocca family; and our server and guest on the program Jason. Established in 1956 by the Rocca family, Original Joe’s Restaurant in San Jose, California, has been the cornerstone of an ever-changing downtown and the growth of Silicon Valley. Descended from the first Original Joe’s founded in 1937 in San Francisco, Calif., the San Jose Original Joe’s was the first San Francisco-based restaurant to open in San Jose in the South San Francisco Bay Area now known world wide as the heart of Silicon Valley.

That’s Original Joe’s at 301 South First Street in downtown San Jose.


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