That’s Amaury’s Podcast, News, & Commentary: Sharks-Habs battling to get back in win column tonight; NFL Wild Cards; Manny Machado will he stay or will he go; Gruden waits for hiring process at Raiders

Photo credit: @NBCSports

Daniel Dullum is filling for Amaury’s Podcast today:

1 The Sharks are coming off a tough 6-0 in Dallas on Sunday and are looking to get back into the win column. The Montreal Canadiens are currently on a four-game loss streak and host the Sharks in a frosty cold Montreal, but there’s no outdoor game here as they’ll hook up tonight at the Bell Centre for this contest.

2 NFL Wild Card Playoffs start this Saturday. Daniel takes a look at Tennessee @ Kansas City and in game two Atlanta @ LA Rams.

3 For Sunday’s Wild Card games game one Buffalo @ Jacksonville and game two Carolina @ New Orleans.

4 The Cubs looked like the front runner in the Manny Machado sweepstakes, but the latest is Machado is up for grabs and the Baltimore Orioles owner Peter Angelos is not very excited about letting Machado get away. A Machado contract would command around $325 million.

5. Former Oakland Raiders head coach Jon Gruden has said “let’s wait and see” in regards to his getting the job at the Raiders. Gruden can’t very well come out and say “the job is mine” because the Raiders are obligated by NFL policy to abide by the Art Rooney rule and have to interview at least one minority before announcing that Gruden is the new head coach. Sources say a minority assistant coach could be interviewed and if they hire Gruden that assistant coach could be hired on under Gruden as his assistant coach.

Daniel Dullum is filling in for Amaury for today’s podcast at


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