That’s Amaury’s Podcast, News, & Commentary: Laney College change of office location under consideration for A’s new stadium

August 8, 2017

MLB, Oakland Athletics photo: Simulated overview of location shot of Oakland A’s new park at Laney College Lake Merritt location

On Amaury’s Podcast, News and Commentary:

1 Three ball park locations to choose from for the Oakland A’s but now the A’s first choice Laney College near Lake Merritt at first might have met some difficult opposition from Laney College. But after much discussion and some unofficial negotiations the college is taking under consideration the benefit of having the Oakland A’s new stadium nearby. The major task right now can the college find a new location on their campus for their offices and make room on the property for the A’s new digs. One thing for sure some of the students and faculty are excited at the notion of having a big league ball park on the campus.

2. A’s team president David Kaval said that a new Laney College location would bring not only business in for the A’s but it would bring about retail, great panoramic views of the downtown skyline and Lake Merritt, hotels, restaurants, and housing.

3 An A’s Laney College Stadium would also be walking distance two blocks from Oakland’s Lake Merritt BART station something that Kaval says is critical in considering a new park. If the A’s were to build there Kaval who always took public transit as a must under consideration for the fans, seniors and disabled as priority.

4 The Jack London Square Howard Terminal location was the A’s second choice of the three locations. Howard Terminal runs a distant second if the Laney College negotiations heats up. The Waterfront idea with the existing restaurants and retail at Jack London square is appealing but the downsides are there is no BART going within two blocks of Jack London, and the weather is reported to be as frigid off that waterfront as old Candlestick Park if that’s believable.

5 Will a new park at Laney or even Howard Terminal backfire on the San Francisco Giants who enforced their territorial rights in San Jose which prevented the A’s from going to the South Bay. San Jose is some 50 miles distance from the City but a new Oakland ball park would be just a zip code across the bay from the Giants and those fans that now go to AT&T might just switch allegiance for a brand new park in either of those Oakland locations which would be a lot closer than going to the South Bay

Amaury Pi Gonzalez has much more on his latest Podcast, News, and Commentary at, plus Amaury is the Spanish radio talent for the A’s and the Spanish TV talent for the Angels



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