NFL Podcast with David Zizmor: With a positive 99% CTE rate players thinking futures over; Novato High School varsity team can’t pool together a team

August 2, 2017


IMAGE DISTRIBUTED FOR TEXAS INSTRUMENTS – Baltimore Ravens lineman and math scholar John Urschel teaches a STEM lesson at Dundalk High School to launch Texas Instruments’ STEM Behind Cool Careers series on Tuesday, July 18, 2017 in Baltimore. The fun, free activities show students how a solid understanding of STEM subjects is vital for any career, even careers students least expect. (Steve Ruark/AP Images for Texas Instruments)

On the NFL Podcast with David:

1 The recent report of CTE concussion syndrome has many players concerned and though one of the Ravens players John Urschel says he’s quitting football because he wants to go back to working on his doctorate in mathematics. While Urschel requested privacy many have stated he might be resigning after three years in the NFL because he wanted to protect his brain from the hits of the NFL especially after the CTE results showing 11o players out of 111 get CTE after they finish their playing careers.

2 Case in point this could be the tip of the ice berg:  Novato High School’s football team can’t field enough players for their varsity team. Novato has a winning tradition and a number of championships but the recent drop off of players can very well be a result of the CTE report that has parents scared and they will not let their kids play high school football. It might be only a matter of time that the college ranks might suffer in personnel if parents are nervous about their kids getting CTE.

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