Big fight at the Oakland Coliseum: Guard pulls hair and punches fan video taped by fans

August 1, 2017

MLB, Oakland Athletics

Photo: Screenshot From Video By Shane Siegrist

By Jerry Feitelberg and Morris Phillips

OAKLAND–How bad does things have to get for either the last place Oakland A’s and San Francisco Giants who played at the Oakland Coliseum last night not the kind of publicity either team would want. It was in the upper deck at the Coliseum that things got out of control Monday night between a security guard and a fan. The incident was video taped by five different fans as the guard was pulling the hair of the fan before the other guards came in and restrained the guard. The video showed once the punch was thrown by the woman guard and other security guards and fans started mixing it up with punches and exchanging words.

In watching the video tape the guard was throwing down and the other fans and guards were intervening as it would appear on the video. The third party contract security company which remained unnamed their guards in the brawl will be part of an investigation by the Oakland A’s. The A’s have promoted a environment condusive to a family atmosphere and with both the San Francisco Giants in Oakland playing their cross bay rival the A’s. There could have been some bad blood between fans in that respect.

The Oakland Raiders and San Francisco 49ers during past pre season football games had some serious altercations with fans fighting in the stands which led to neither team facing each other in pre season in recent years. The A’s president David Kaval wanted to promote the ultimate family fun experience at the Coliseum which includes taking the tarp off the third deck where the brawl took place last night. The tarp had been up on the third deck for several years and it was taken off for this season. Seats sell for $15 in the third deck.

Knowing Kaval he and the A’s do not want this kind of bad publicity after the A’s have worked hard to bring and enhance the fan experience at the Coliseum. After the first mix up the security guards left that section of the third deck only to come back a second time and exchange words with the fans again. The guards left again and came back a third time according to witnesses and the police had been called to the area by that time and then words were exchanged again and a fan threw a beer at the security guard who initiated the punching of the fan earlier.

That guard reportedly according to other fans had to be restrained again. As far as if police were making an assessment was concerned that is still in the works as the A’s and the A’s security try to sift out what happened. The video might tell all or part of the story. The Giants and A’s meet again at the Coliseum for game two of the series Tuesday night what security arrangements that are being made for that section of the Coliseum has not been decided.

Jerry Feitelberg and Morris Phillips are covering the A’s and Giants at the Oakland Coliseum during this home at home series at


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