That’s Amaury’s News and Commentary: 2017 Giants, worst ever in franchise history?

AP File Photo: Former San Francisco Giants manager Jimmy Davenport who managed the team in 1985 to it’s worst all time record is photo’d here during his playing days has handled some hard hit baseballs while playing third base for the San Francisco Giants, but he wanted no part of fielding the bat thrown by Chicago’s Adolfo Phillips in the second inning of first game at Candle stick Park on July 16, 1967 in San Francisco. Phillips later hit a grand-slam home run that helped defeat the Giants. (AP Photo)

By Amaury Pi Gonzalez

SAN FRANCISCO–This franchise began in 1883 as they were the New York Gothams until 1885. Then in 1886 the National League was founded and they became the New York Giants until 1958 when they moved to San Francisco and became the San Francisco Giants. The New York Giants were one of eight founding members of The National League in 1886, the others: Chicago White Stockings, Detroit Wolverines, Philadelphia Quakers, Boston Beaneaters, St Louis Maroons, Kansas City Cowboys and Washington Nationals.

The only season since 1883 that they lost 100 or more games was in 1985, when the San Francisco Giants finished the season with a record of 62-100 and 33 games out of first place in the cellar. That year the Kansas City Royals won the World Series in seven games over the St Louis Cardinals.

The Giants managers in 1985 were Jim Davenport(56-88)then replaced by Roger Craig who went 6-12 during the last 18 games. General Manager, Tom Haller was fired that September. The attendance at Candlestick Park was 818,697 which ranked 11 among the 12 teams in the National League. Vida Blue,.Mike Krukow, Atlee Hammaker,Bill Laskey, Dave LaPoint and Jim Gott started games. Of those, only Vida Blue was a .500 pitcher with a record of 8-8, and a 4.47 earned run average. Scott Garrelts lead the bullpen with 13 saves. Some of the players on that team: Chili Davis, led the team with 130 hits, Bob Brenly with 19 homeruns,Jeffrey Leonard led in RBI with 62, while Chris Brown led team in batting average with .271 and Dan Gladden with 32 stolen bases. José Uribe and Manny Trillo played on that team as well as others not mentioned here.

It has been 32 years since. I remember that team and I did cover them. They had a bunch of characters, like Gladden, Leonard, Uribe some that come to mind.

This 2017 Giants team is on a pace to shatter that 1985 season. Actually the biggest “positive”difference for this team is that they play at AT&T Park and they will draw over 3 million fans again, compared to 1985 at the refrigerator called Candlestick Park, that is by far the biggest difference. Also,this team will not fire their Manager or their General Manager like the 1985 team, although some Giants fans are asking for those two heads on a silver tray. Nothing lasts forever, the current team had very nice runs in which they won three World Series, and everything seemed to go the right way. 2017 is like a total reverse and this team will have to make some decisions very soon as the season ends of which way to go forward. The new generation of Giants fans that have been spoiled by winning every year, are now experiencing a little depression, but they have the Warriors to console them in the off-season.

The Giants 2017 season is not Torture is a total Disaster. But there is always next year.

Like Yogi Berra once said: “Even Napoleon had his Watergate”

Amaury Pi Gonzalez is the TV Spanish talent for the Angels, the Radio Spanish talent for the A’s and does News and Commentary each week at


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