Oakland A’s Podcast with Charlie O: A’s to rebuild as Billy brings back veterans and rookies; Gray, Alonso, and Lowrie could be gone by the deadline

July 18, 2017

MLB, Oakland Athletics

AP File Photo: The Houston Astros Josh Reddick takes a dive back into first base with the New York Yankees first baseman Chris Carter covering during their July 2 at Minute Maid Field in Houston. Carter is rumored to be an interest of the A’s during the trade deadline.

On the A’s podcast with Charlie O:

1) Billy Beane just used the “R-word” to talk about what is happening with the A’s right now. Why is the moneyball man suddenly talking about REBUILDING after avoiding the concept for almost 20 years?

2) The A’s beat the Indians in dramatic fashion on Saturday night and we when woke up on Sunday morning we found out Sean Doolittle and Ryan Madson were on their way to Washington. Were you surprised by this move and talk to us about who Oakland received in the trade?

3) There has been so much focus on Sonny Gray – is still going away and if yes, where?

4) What about the All-star Yonder Alonso – is still a goner as well?

5) Who else could be leaving Oakland soon?

6) They have been rumors that Chris Carter – who was released by the Yankees could be wearing green and gold soon – why?

7) What’s coming up for the A’s

Charlie O does the Oakland A’s podcasts each Tuesday at http://www.sportsraadioservice.com


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